Sports Glasses

Sports Glasses

No matter what sport or outdoor activity you love, you probably are looking for ways to increase your performance. It is not just about looking good but to see well, feel great and enjoy the awesomeness of being outdoors.

Why sport specific glasses?
Well, do you go on a 4×4 track with your cabriolet? Running in a pair of high heels?

Whether you enjoy running, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, golfing or any other sports, there are sunglasses that is designed for these sports that can improve comfort and good vision to increase performance.

But what about prescription?
Good news! Good vision improves performance and a wide range of sport glasses is available in prescription sunglasses and goggles. Visit Kijk Optometrists to chat about the different options available to give you the best vision for your sporting lifestyle.

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